About Walker Architecture:
Walker Architecture is a full service architecture office realized through the collaboration of father and son, Lester and Jess Walker.  Both partners have been practicing architecture as a functional art form for many decades with work that has been widely publicized and won several national and New York City awards for innovative design. Their combined portfolio ranges from large commercial and multi-family residential buildings worldwide, to iconic houses throughout the American Northeast.

Walker Architecture has many other projects, both built and current, which will be presented on this website once complete.


About Lester Walker:
Les has an abiding interest in the graphic arts and loves to draw. He is the author of eight books related to architecture; every book includes numerous explanatory drawings integral to the subject matter. The two most popular of these, Tiny Houses, and American Shelter, have sold over 100,000 copies. He employs his drawings as a primary method of communicating design ideas, both in his books and his architectural practice. He has also developed unique paper model building skills which he uses to engage his clients in a more personal design process. He is a graduate of Yale University where he received a Masters Degree in Architecture and of the Pennsylvania State University where he received a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. He has been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide and has lectured at several American colleges and universities. He was an adjunct Professor of Architecture at the City College of New York for 20 years and has served on the Board of Directors of the Woodstock (NY) Byrdcliffe Guild for over 25 years where his primary interest is the preservation of the historic Byrdcliffe Arts Colony buildings

About Jess Walker:
Jess has extensive¬†experience in the planning, design, presentation and construction of commercial and residential projects of varying scale and programmatic complexity. After graduating from Yale University in 1996 with a Masters Degree in Architecture, Jess worked with the legendary architect, Aldo Rossi’s Studio Di Architettura New York and was primarily involved in the design and execution of many landmark buildings throughout America. Upon Aldo’s passing in late 1997, Jess became an integral part of the same office renamed with respect to Aldo’s partner, Morris Adjimi. Jess was quickly promoted to Morris Adjmi Architect’s studio director overseeing all aspects of the design and development of both the interiors and base building of dozens of publicly prominent and well received projects. While working closely with Morris, Jess was responsible from concept to completion of many notable buildings both commercial, residential and institutional. Much of the work done with both Aldo and Morris was extensively publicized and widely regarded as forward thinking while remaining respectful to history and context.